Friday, February 6, 2009


After a while there comes a point in every ones life when they realize that Santa Clause doesn't actually exist, that the Easter bunny doesn't deliver baskets full of hard boiled eggs on Easter morning or that the Tooth Fairy isn't the one that puts dollar bills under their pillow in exchange for fallen baby teeth. Often times little children are broken by the fact that what they were told to believe never really existed in the first place. Eventually they get over it and never think about it again.

So today as I sit here in my living room with my laptop staring back at me, I realize I am just like those little children. I believed in a fairy tale for so long. I put my faith in a world where true love won in the end and good always prevailed against evil. I imagined that it was really possible for the girl to ride away in the sunset with a handsome prince where they lived happily ever after. But then you wake up and all it is is a dream. Reality is much different. Reality is dealing with the fact that life isn't always fair and life is often full of heart aches and disappointment. Not everyone falls in love and lives happily ever after. Am I a cynic? Perhaps today I am. Or perhaps i am just a realist who understands that you just have to deal with life and live it the best way you know how. You have to stop lying to yourself at some point and just be content with what is in front of you. Everyday is a gift from God but its also a gamble. You never know what lies in front of you. All you know is that He holds your hand through the good and the bad.

So last night I made a promise that I would not lie to myself anymore. That I would be honest and make the best of everyday I am given and not allow myself to live in a world of delusion. I am going to live today and everyday in Reality.

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