Monday, October 12, 2009

Absence from my blog!

The last time I blogged was about my new car back in August. I took it this weekend for the first time out of town to Phoenix. Roxxie ran like a champ and my friends and I had blast at the Sansom's installation service and afterwards at Cheesecake Factory.

My life lately has consisted of trying to get a new wheelchair, trying to find a job while filing for unemployment, late night rounds of bejeweled on Facebook, and trying to quiet the drama that is my life these last few months.

Tonight Brother Mark Brown preached from South Dakota and although I cant quote to you very much of his interesting sermon I can tell you what I got from God at the altar call. My Facebook status reads: "Never let anyone make you feel inferior because of what you look like, what your family last name is, what your current relationship status is set to, how much money you have in your bank account , for the position or title that you may or may not have, or for the number of candles on your birthday cake this year. There are no orphans of God. He loves everyone equally!" There are many times when I have allowed others to make me feel bad about my life. I've allowed them to make me feel like a failure or feel as though I would never be good enough to do anything great in God's kingdom. I decided to rebuke that thought and not let people's cold words or actions dictate how I feel about myself. It isn't important how other's see me, whats important is how God seems me! When Samuel and other's saw merely a shepherd boy God saw a great King! Its not over till its over!