Friday, January 22, 2010

Attention all Pentecostal Conferences Goers!

So I want to know if we can make a list of all the different Pentecostal Conferences going on this year. I for one need to broaden my horizons and got to some new ones. Does anyone know of anything going on in March in New Mexico or Colorado in March? I'll be headed in that direction then. I would love it if some of you would post names of conferences their locations and dates for the year. I think it would be helpful unless anyone knows already.

Conqueors Conference in Tucson,Az is the last week of December.


Monday, January 11, 2010

Its a New Year!

Its insane how 2010 kinda of creeped up on us. I think I'm still in denial that this will be there year that I turn the huge and horrid big 3-0! Is this really real? I dont feel a day past 23!I dont know exactly how I feel about all these monumentus events that will be bestowed by 2010. My youngest brother is moving out into his own home in a few days and although I know I will see him often it still remain bittersweet.

I got my wheelchair finally and I have to say that my mother was probably more excited than I was. Its taken a while for me to get used to it.

My dearest friend Sarah from bible college came and spent a few days with me and that was great. We had so much to talk about and I'm know there were topics we didnt even get a chance to touch. Its was nice having someone here who knows that part of me that hardly anyone really understands. JCM was a huge part of my life and probably some of my most memorable days were spent there.

There is so much more to say and hopefully I will get back and write more and try to be a bit more consistant about blogging. Life has a way of catching up to you and taking you for a loop when you least expect it.