Saturday, February 7, 2009

Heart Broken

What do you do when everything you have hoped and prayed for suddenly dies?
When you are standing at the tomb of your dreams and realize you have believed a lie?
When you cant choke back the tears that stream to the floor
When your heart cant find the strength to believe anymore.
Does the pain ever go away?
Does time really heal all things?
Will there ever come a day when you will smile again and your soul sings?
Is it possible that your heart can be broken beyond repair.
So that when love finally knocks at your door you find it impossible to care?
Must we just accept that something things are just not meant to be.
That we can do all that we can but in the end still not reach the place where we are truly happy?

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Mary Frances said...

Take it from someone that has been there: This is what you do: You get up and keep going, you get on with your life, you have fun with your friends and get as involved in the kingdom of God as possible and you will smile again!!!
Luv ya mucho!!! Did you get my texes?

Katrina Holmes (Tina) said...

Mary has given great advise.
Time may not heal all wounds, but it will dull the pain, and you will smile again.
Love reading your blog.
Here is an excerpt from an old song
Many things about tomorrow, I don't seem to understand: But I know who holds the future and I know who holds my hand.