Saturday, January 31, 2009

Recap of January 2009

There is so much I have forgotten to say about the events that have transpired this month.

Every year my family throws a New Years Eve party and we usually have an incredible time. This year was no different but I think we had more people this year than we ever had. We did the traditional prayer at 15 till and then our shot glass toast at midnight with Apple and Grape cider. Sadly after taking my shot of White Grape cider I broke my favorite Hurricane shot glass that I had bought 5 years ago at the Skydome in Toronto, Canada. I guess its time to get a new Hurricane shot glass!!

The next morning was the first day service at Conqueror's Conference. Bro Philip O'Bryan preached and it was incredibly anointed and encouraging. He talked about the fact that we cant see the end from the beginning. Only God knows what He is doing in His time. From that service I took and memorized the scripture in 1 Corinthians 13:12 that reads "For now we see through a glass, darkly; but then face to face: now I know in part; but Then shall I know even as also I am known."
Brother Tiller did an amazing job delivering the Word every night. Friday the choir sang the "Can't Stop Praising Him" medley. During the part when it goes into "I won't turn back, I won't turn back, I won't turn back now" I really got the revelations that I Can continue on this race living for God now matter what comes my way! Bro Tiller also said something that night about if we are living for God we can be sick, but we are still saved, broken hearted but we are still saved, lonely but we are still saved,.... Those statements really struck a chord in my spirit. No matter what the circumstances are it doesn't matter. All that matters is that one day I make it to Heaven and see my Lord! We have to press on!
Also on Friday night Bro Tiller had us pray for our Pastors. My church family came up to the platform and prayed for our pastor Rev Paul Conner. Afterwards I hugged my Sis Debby Conner and then Pastor came down and took my hands and spoke to me telling me how much he appreciated me. I told them I loved them and was thankful they are a part of my life. I have always loved my Pastor and his wife but somehow in that moment my love and appreciation for them was renewed. I left with this new respect for them. I will always remember that!

Some other news...I went back to work at H&R Block for the tax season. I bought a laptop with my tax refund money. Aimee and I are going on a 7 day singles upci cruise to Jamaica, The Cayman Islands, and Mexico in October! We put down our deposit this week!

My dear friend Sabra got married today in Mississippi. I was asked to be one of the bridesmaids but unfortunately because of the high cost to fly I was unable to go. It pained me to not be able to be there for my bible college buddy on her very special day. Perhaps it wasn't meant for me to be there after all. I pray that God blesses her and her marriage!

SO last but not least. On this last day of January the most Amazing lady in the state of Arizona, Sis Mabel Combs from Casa Grande, passed from this life to the next early this morning. I will cherish every little conversations that I have had with her through the years from Senior Camp this past July to endless Ladies Retreats and Conferences. Her lovely voice singing praises unto the Lord will always be etched in my Spirit. She "Made it After All". As I was helping my mother in the kitchen this afternoon I had my IPOD in hand and on my play list was "I Can Only Imagine" I thought of what Sis Combs was doing at that moment in heaven. Was she standing in Awe of Him? Was she dancing and shouting? Was she singing with the Angels? What ever she is doing now I am so happy for her and she will be greatly missed! I can't wait to see her and all the other Faithful saints like Bro Croy, Bro Cai Larsen,and many others!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Is It So Hard?

Is it so hard?
Is it truly a chore?
To give up pants to wear a long dress?
And let your hair grow down to the floor?
What’s so wrong with trading your diamond ring for a crown of righteousness?
Cant you see living for God is not so big a trail or a test?
Is there a good reason why you can’t part with the mascara and the red lipstick?
With the party life and the alcohol that in the morning has you sick?
Is t he movie theater that entertaining?
Is the ungodly music that wonderful to be around?
To miss the coming of the Lord and hear the glorious trumpet sound?
Is whining about our standards and separation from the world that wise?
When He never complained laying down His life as the ultimate sacrifice?
But for those who have their minds strongly made.
And understand the price Jesus Christ paid.
To those who would not be enticed by Satan but kept walking the narrow path.
They shall receive eternal life and escape the fiery wrath.
All the faithful, determined, and those who have overcome.
Shall hear the sweet sound of the Master saying, “Enter in, My child well done.”

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

America...Don't Be Deceived!

So yes, I will agree that today in fact is a Historical Moment for the United States of America. We have a new African American president and as I have said in an earlier blog he should be praised for that accomplishment. I am still not convinced though that the color of your skin should be the Main reason why anyone should be voted into the highest office in the Nation. I also would have to argue that just because you can make an emotional and uplifting speech does not per say make you a good leader.
There seems to be this feeling of Hope and Change in the spirits of the American people today. Washington D.C. as we all know was filled with spectators from near and far. I hate to be the pessimist and rain on their parade but America is deceived. The plummeting numbers of the stock market don't lie. Things are bound to get worse especially since we have just put a president in office who lacks experience and stands for morals that are corrupt. This is a nation that was built on a Christian foundation and now we are slowly forgetting our God. I know what the end of the Good Book says and this is just the beginning of sorrows. So brace yourselves! God is getting ready to come back and He is our only Savior!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

I'm Waiting...

I'm waiting
I'm waiting maybe not patiently but...
I'm waiting on the Lord
Someday I am going to be united with the One God created me for.
But until that day I will not settle for anything less.
When God has promised if I seek Him He will give me the very best!
I know what I am looking for and although I may sound a little picky.
I realized I can never be with someone who I don't love and can't make me happy.

I won't date someone just because they happen to be there.
And play with their emotions and make them believe I actually care.
I want to be so in love that I can't even sit up straight.
Real consuming love that can only come from your soul mate.

I'm not in a rush to get married just because others think its time for me to.
I won't cave in to the pressure because it seems like the practical thing to do.
God has His own time table so I'm not interested in fitting the cookie cutter mold.
I'm after the will of God because its His hand I hold!

So until that day.
I will just be content living for God and going on my way.
I'll just keep waiting.
Waiting on the Lord!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

To The Girl Who...

To the girl who didn’t get asked to the Christmas Banquet
or did not get a rose on Valentine’s Day,

To the girl who won't settle for second best
but keeps praying for the right guy to come and sweep her away,

To the girl that watches the “spiritual guys” flirt with the girls that wear their clothes too tight,

To the girl who refuses to wear the short skirts to get attention because she knows it isn’t right,

To the girl who won't lower herself to stalking and chasing a guy,

To the girl who passes on being the center of attention and settles for being a little shy,

To the girl with the personality that would make a guys head spin,

To the girl who waits patiently at a guy's heart's door but is never let in,
To the girl who is called smart, interesting, and cute - but never hot,
To the girl who was passed over for the "ditzy ones" and never forgot,
To the girl who refrained from kissing every guy she dated,
To the girl who won't ever allow a man to make her feel degraded,

To the girl who demands that every guy treat her with respect,
To the girl who doesn’t hide her face behind make-up because what you see is what you get,
To the girl that doesn’t pretend to be dumb just so some guy can feel smart,
To the girl who takes a stand for what she believes in and is true to her heart,

This is a tribute to all of you
Who don’t think anyone takes notice of all that you do,
All that you stand for
All that you are.
For those of you who still believe God is the author of love and He is watching,
Your prince is not very far.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Conqueors Conference

There Is a lot to say about Conqueors Conference. I'll have to come back and really go in depth. I just have to say that this year really did something for me in God that it had never done before. I see things differently now. My prayers are different now.