Friday, February 27, 2009

"Grease" continued....

The pictures is hard to see. Its of us inside the theater with our programs in hand.

Grease is the Word!

Soo... I picked up Yvonne a little after 6:40pm. As she was sitting in my passenger side I kept waiting for her to put on her seat belt. I hesitated but finally asked her to put it on. She had no problem with it. She told me her husband David tells her to put in on all the time. Then we get off the frontage road and before we get to 22nd the traffic is crazy. I brake and almost hit the person in front of me, But the person behind me didnt brake and rammed into me! scared us half to death! But we pulled over and there wasnt but a scratch on my car thankfully and none of us were hurt so we just exchanged information and rode on our way.

We got to the ticket booth and then I decided I was thirsty so I bought a Sierra Mist. The sad part was the soda was $4.25!!! ohhh..I got ripped off! oh well. I skipped any souveniers after that! lol Our seats were in the front row and I noticed two reporter guys Dan Marries and some other guy that works with him. Cant remember his name. They were sitting in our same row.

There was kinda this pre-show deal where the big wig deejay at the High School dance off Vince Vauntine came out and sang a little and tried to get the audience going. I was like...whatever! Start the show! The beginning was really dramatic with Frankie Valli's "Grease" song and the number the T-Birds and the Pink Ladies did.

Danny and Sandy were not so attractive or as good of singers at Olivia Newton-John and John Travolta. Yvonne was impressed with the girl that played Rizzo. I was a bit disappointed because the scenes were different, some of the songs had changed, and at times things were completely out of order from the original Grease.

I was very excited to see Taylor Hicks as the Teen Angel. If he had been on American Idol that night he would have still won because he really was the best vocals of the night. He wasnt bad looking either. I was kind of shocked at myself for even thinking that. LOL At the very end Taylor Hicks came out and did one of his songs on his latest album. Yvonne and I laughed and called him DenJuan. That was our thing because he looks like a cross between Dennis Uecker and our cousin Juan "Johnny" Garcia. We were joking about waiting until he came out to try and get his autography then yell out "DenJuan"!!!! It would of been hysterical! Yes, we are a little crazy!

So, anyhow... although I am not 100% sure it was worth my $67 Yvonne and I still had an amazing night!

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