Friday, February 27, 2009

"Grease" continued....

The pictures is hard to see. Its of us inside the theater with our programs in hand.

Grease is the Word!

Soo... I picked up Yvonne a little after 6:40pm. As she was sitting in my passenger side I kept waiting for her to put on her seat belt. I hesitated but finally asked her to put it on. She had no problem with it. She told me her husband David tells her to put in on all the time. Then we get off the frontage road and before we get to 22nd the traffic is crazy. I brake and almost hit the person in front of me, But the person behind me didnt brake and rammed into me! scared us half to death! But we pulled over and there wasnt but a scratch on my car thankfully and none of us were hurt so we just exchanged information and rode on our way.

We got to the ticket booth and then I decided I was thirsty so I bought a Sierra Mist. The sad part was the soda was $4.25!!! ohhh..I got ripped off! oh well. I skipped any souveniers after that! lol Our seats were in the front row and I noticed two reporter guys Dan Marries and some other guy that works with him. Cant remember his name. They were sitting in our same row.

There was kinda this pre-show deal where the big wig deejay at the High School dance off Vince Vauntine came out and sang a little and tried to get the audience going. I was like...whatever! Start the show! The beginning was really dramatic with Frankie Valli's "Grease" song and the number the T-Birds and the Pink Ladies did.

Danny and Sandy were not so attractive or as good of singers at Olivia Newton-John and John Travolta. Yvonne was impressed with the girl that played Rizzo. I was a bit disappointed because the scenes were different, some of the songs had changed, and at times things were completely out of order from the original Grease.

I was very excited to see Taylor Hicks as the Teen Angel. If he had been on American Idol that night he would have still won because he really was the best vocals of the night. He wasnt bad looking either. I was kind of shocked at myself for even thinking that. LOL At the very end Taylor Hicks came out and did one of his songs on his latest album. Yvonne and I laughed and called him DenJuan. That was our thing because he looks like a cross between Dennis Uecker and our cousin Juan "Johnny" Garcia. We were joking about waiting until he came out to try and get his autography then yell out "DenJuan"!!!! It would of been hysterical! Yes, we are a little crazy!

So, anyhow... although I am not 100% sure it was worth my $67 Yvonne and I still had an amazing night!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

I'm Going to see the Broadway Show Grease!!!

Tonight My dear cousin Yvonne and I will be in our front row seats seeing the very popular broadway show Grease!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Walk By Faith, Not By Sight

I saw my mother walk into my hospital room one night. It was dark but I could see it was her. She didn't even look at me. She just marched on through to the next bed behind the curtain to my right. She stayed there for quite a while and so i figured perhaps she was tired and decided to take a nap in that empty Intensive Care Unit bed. It was so unlike my mother to ignore me in that manner. Here I was her only daughter who had just endured three back surgeries within the past week and she didn't act like she cared. After what seemed like an hour I became concerned. I started to yell, "Mom, Mom!" There was no answer. I kept screaming for her in hopes of waking her out of whatever deep sleep she was in. There was still no reply. I began to panic. Maybe she had gotten up and left without me even noticing. Could it be possible that even with my eyes wide open I missed her? I can't even describe the deep loneliness I felt that night with machines monitoring my every heart beat and I.V.'s running through both arms and my neck. The tears started streaming as I realized something was wrong. My mind just couldn't pull itself together to figure it out.

Days later when the heavy medication had wore off and I had caught up on the three nights of sleep i had missed, I realized I had been hallucinating. My mother didn't walk through my room that night. Yes my eyes were wide open but there was no curtain or even a bed on the other side. I was in a room all to myself. My brain had just been so diluted with pain medication and my body broken from fighting for its life that I was seeing things. Everything looked so real and even today I can remember what I saw that night in detail. The truth was my mother loved me and she would never ignore me. She knew how much I needed her at that moment and she would never intentionally hurt me that way.

Sometimes when we are going through a dark place in our lives the enemy will try and make us believe that God doesn't care. We call out to the Lord in prayer but we don't hear an answer. Our emotions can overcome us and we start to believe that God is ignoring us. How could He leave us all alone? Our minds are so diluted with the cares of this life that we start to think things that aren't true. Often it isn't until we come out of a trial that we can see that His word hasn't changed. "He will never leave you nor forsake you"... When morning breaks we then see that the one set of footprints in the sand where when God carried us. Just like my mother would never act like she didn't know me, I know my heavenly Father would never wouldn't pass me by either. We can't panic when things aren't going our way. When we can't see God working in our situations we still have to just trust Him! His promises do not change no matter what we may see with our mortal eyes. "We walk by faith and not by sight"...

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Soo..all this talk about being single..has me thinking!

I went to Mimi's with a young couple after church tonight. We always have interesting conversations. It usually involves the latest of who is interested in who and what couple is finally dating. I of course at this moment am as single as a dollar bill and it doesnt help right now that my heart was crushed recently. Still, I have always felt like if I just trust God and wait on Him that He will bring the right person into my life. Well, I have my thoughts that you should marry the person that God wants for you because if you don't you could really mess things up. I don't believe a minister can just marry anyone or at least I don't think a minister should. My friends are of the opinion that no matter if you make a mistake and marry someone out of the will of God that somehow He can fix it and it can be just fine. I understand that and I believe that God can correct our mistakes but if that is necessarily true does that mean I can just marry anyone and it will be okay? What is the point of waiting on God for the right one? Have I just wasted my time? I don't know. It just throws my brain in complete overload. I suppose that's why God wrote in Isaiah that His thoughts are not our thoughts neither are our ways His ways. Soo..I've heard people with different opinions and still may never make sense of it all. But if you think you might have a good explanation please enlighten me!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I thought this was a interesting article... :)

This is from

Top Ten Things Said to the Single Church Girl

By Chantell Smith

10. “Do you think you can help out with ______?” This is a question asked of the single church girl because it is assumed that since she is single, she has loads of time to do whatever needs getting done. She doesn’t mind pitching in, but sometimes, in the back of her mind, she wants to respond with a question in kind: “Do you think I have a life, too?"

9. “Next, it’ll be you!” This is said as a result of many of the single church girls’ friends getting engaged, married, etc. She is pretty good-natured about it, saying, “You never know” with a wink and a half-smile.

8. “Honey, don’t you worry. The right one will come along.” This is said to the single church girl at random by well-wishing old ladies. She often wonders if she’s projecting an invisible “I’m worried that the right one won’t come along” aura.

7. “One of my best friend’s cousins knows this guy . . . really nice guy who I think you’d love to meet.” This is one of many attempts to hook the single church girl up with some “really nice guy.” The idea of getting hooked up is not particularly appealing to her, though. She has this idea that things will just magically happen.

6. “Why don’t you and ______ get together?” This question is often asked of the single church girl as to why she doesn’t go out with some single guy in the church. She could answer this many ways, but usually just smarts off with, “For the same reason you aren’t getting together with him.” That usually draws a quizzical look and she just smiles.

5. “Oh, God, give her the desires of her heart, Lord, bring her that mate you have prepared, Jesus.” This is sort of an extension of number 8, also given by well-wishing old ladies, but usually spoken over the single church girl while she is quietly praying and minding her own business during altar call.

4. “Why don’t you pray God will help you find that man so you can settle down and have one of your own?” This question, meant to be taken in jest but usually received in irritation, is asked by someone who is observing the single church girl making cooing noises and baby talking to a happy child she is playing with. The single church girl usually responds coolly, “The Bible says ‘he who findeth a wife findeth a good thing,’ so I’m not worried about finding him. He’s supposed to be looking for me.”

3. “So, do you have a boyfriend?” This one is normally asked of the single church girl by either someone she hasn’t seen in a while or by someone she is meeting for the first time. She hasn’t come up with any cute ways to answer that one yet.

2. “Why?” (Since the answer to number 3 would be “no.”) The single church girl still can’t figure out why people often follow up with this question. Like she knows. Her first impulse is to say, “You tell me,” but that would be kind of weird, so instead she shrugs, and sheepishly answers, “I don’t know.”

1. “Enjoy it while you can.” A married person wishing they had the time and energy and freedom to do what the single church girl can do in her unattached state often says this. This statement is often followed with, “Cause once you get married and have kids . . .” The single girl nods in understanding. That’s one thing she doesn’t need to be reminded to do.

© 2006, Chantell Smith


Chantell Smith is a second year Spanish teacher who is currently living la vida single. You can catch her goings-on at Where You Can Find Me

Sunday, February 15, 2009

My Valentine's Day Present!

This is what my Secret Prayer Sister got me for Valentine's Day! I have No clue who she is but I Loved the gift! If you know me you understand that I have a huge fetish for black and white pictures of Famous Architecture. God Bless my Secret Prayer Sister! She made my day!

Broken Blessings...a fictional story

The alarm clock read 5 am when the annoying blare awoke Annika Blythe from her sleep. She groaned as she slipped her left had from under the covers and lightly tapped the snooze button. Just 15 more minutes she thought. It has only been two hours earlier when her mind finally allowed itself to doze off to sleep. Annika had mid-term exams in two days and being the exceptional student she was, every opportunity was spent studying. She also hadn't missed a night of revival services that week or any hours at her job at the hospital. Her slender frame was being pushed to its limits but she knew she only had one more semester till she finished her degree in Nursing, and for that she figured it would be worth it.
The aggravating noise of the alarm sounded again and this time she had to get up. Annika pushed back the covers and jumped to her feet almost stumbling over her bible that had somehow fallen off her night stand. She bent down to pick it up and then heard another familiar sound. It was her cell phone and on the other end was the gorgeous voice of her stunning fiance Riley. "Good morning beautiful!" Still half a sleep a smile slowly emerged from the corner of her lips. As she placed her phone back in her purse she couldn't help but feel so incredibly blessed to have such an godly man in her life. He was everything she had ever prayed to the Lord for and by this time next year she would be Mrs Riley Thatcher.
The cold water from the shower quickly brought her back to her present day. She had so much to do. Her 7 am class at the University begged for her attention and as soon as she got herself dressed she was out the door.
By noon her stomach was aching with hunger pains as she climbed in her car to meet Riley for lunch. As Annika pushed open the door to the quaint Italian cafe, she saw him seated at their usual corner table. His blue eyes glistened like sapphires as he smiled and stood to greet her. She breathed in the distinct fragrance of the cologne she had bought him for his 25th birthday 2 weeks earlier. "How was school?" he asked, "stressful" she answered, "But its almost over!" "I'm worried about you Annie", as he liked to call her. "You look like you haven't has sleep in ages. You need to take it easy or you will make yourself ill." "I know, I know", Annika sighed lowering her eyes in guilt. "I promise after these mid-terms are over in 2 days I will make myself relax!" With a bit of concern still written on his face Riley reached over and grabbed Annika's hand from across the table. Then Riley gently released his grip as the waitress came to their their order.

"I still can't believe you don't have your colors for your wedding picked out yet! You are one strange bride!" Kristen exclaimed. "I don't have the time nor the energy to think about all that stuff. I have school to finish and work at the hospital and besides we aren't getting married until almost a year from now. I have plenty of time Kristen!" "But being your sister and your maid of honor, I feel its my duty to help you with all this stuff." "Kristen, don't but me now. I have to start studying. Its only March. You can bug me about it after graduation in May." "Fine!" Kristen shouted as she hurried out and slammed the door behind her. It just seemed that no one understood how important her schooling was to her. Annika had always envisioned herself as a nurse and helping sick people recover from their ailments. seemed like a noble profession. Secretly Annika had dreamed of going to under developed countries and helping out missionaries in their work for the Lord. She figured perhaps one day. She had also hoped to have the highest grades in her class and graduate with honors. So far it was looking in her favor and all those sleepless nights were about to pay off.
As Annika crossed the room to grab her back pack, she suddenly noticed her reflection in her dresser mirror. She stopped and turned, shocked at what she saw. For the first time in months she took a careful look at her self and examined her countenance. Her deep green eyes almost looked sunk in or maybe it was just the dark circles that made it seem that way. She knew more and more of her hair seemed to be getting left behind in her brush but she figured that was just a weird coincidence. Something just wasn't right. No wonder Riley seemed so concerned this afternoon she thought. I'm a mess! I've got to sleep tonight after I come home from church. I think I have studied enough today.

To be continued.....

Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy Valentines Day!!

Happy Valentines Day! To all of my lovely single friends..We will survive!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Hopeless to Beautiful

"Every time I see you, my heart just goes out to you."

Those were the words that escaped the lips of a sweet and well-meaning lady i met at a district conference. She was clearly referring to the opal-blue wheelchair in which i was sitting. She meant no harm yet i could not help but cringe as I deciphered the deep hopelessness in her eyes. The truth was I did not feel hopeless; God had done some incredible things in the last twenty-seven years of my life. Although this dear lady had seem me many times, she did not really know me. She did not know my story.

Twenty-four years ago on a festive Christmas Eve afternoon, my three-year old body was struck down by a white pickup truck. the driver, my fifteen-year old uncle, was unaware that I was playing in my grandmother's backyard behind him. In a moment, my life was changed, never to be as it once was. The accident caused permanent damage to my spinal cord, and my family was told I would never walk again.

Fortunately for my family and me, this was not the end of the story. God used this tragedy as a vehicle to cause my parents to turn to the Bible for comfort. They had both been raised in a denominational church but felt there had to be something more than they had experienced. After weeks of Bible studies, my parents went to church, were baptized in Jesus' name, and received the Holy Ghost! Later, my two brothers and I had the same experience as well and came into a relationship with Jesus.

Sine the accident, the Lord has taken me on a winding journey. I have undergone several surgeries and many physical challenges. through it all, God has been there as my comfort, holding my hand and never letting go. I know God is able to heal me, yet so far He has chosen not to remove the "thorn from my flesh." I have determined to be content with my circumstance and do the best I can with what God has given me.

Despite my physical limitations, the Lord has prospered my life with talents to use for His glory. i am extremely blessed. I drive a sports car, I have attended a university and Bible College, I have traveled across the United States as well as overseas, and I sing and play the piano. God also laid it upon my heart to write about my life and so a few years ago I wrote my first book Famous In Battle. While I was attending Bible college, God opened up many doors for me to give my testimony and minister to the hurting and the broken. I found it a privilege to be used of God.

If it were not for God's love and mercy, I do not know what would have become of me. I am thankful He turned my hopeless situation into something beautiful for His kingdom. and I know that the best is yet to come!

*This article appeared in the March/April issue of Reflections Magazine.

Monday, February 9, 2009

"I Believe"

So many nights I've cried praying, Lord, please change my situation.
Take this pain from my soul.
I'm trying so hard to be patient
But often life gets the best of me.
But then I hear you whisper in the darkness
My child, don't get discourage. Take my hand and believe.
I'm working it all for your good. Even though you cannot see.

I believe
I believe
That eventually everything will turn out right
Cause you are the God that cannot fail
The God that cannot lie
And even though my impatience may get the best of me
And my answers are so out of my reach.
I trust you Lord
And I'm going to hold on!
You said you would never leave me alone.
Lord I believe

Sometimes we don't understand what God is doing with our lives.
But we must remind ourselves He is always on time
God is always faithful
Always true.
No matter how dark your night may seem.
Know that He always comes through

Weeping may endure for the night
But joys gotta come in the morning light
The morning light.

*While sitting at my piano in the our living room and pouring my heart out to the Lord the words to this song came to be about a year and a half ago. It has ministered to me over and over again. I finally got brave enough to sing it on Sunday night church service. I was also privileged to sing it at Arizona Ladies Retreat this past August. Hopefully if God will's at some point there will be a CD made of this song and a few others that the Lord has allowed me to write for His honor and glory!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Heart Broken

What do you do when everything you have hoped and prayed for suddenly dies?
When you are standing at the tomb of your dreams and realize you have believed a lie?
When you cant choke back the tears that stream to the floor
When your heart cant find the strength to believe anymore.
Does the pain ever go away?
Does time really heal all things?
Will there ever come a day when you will smile again and your soul sings?
Is it possible that your heart can be broken beyond repair.
So that when love finally knocks at your door you find it impossible to care?
Must we just accept that something things are just not meant to be.
That we can do all that we can but in the end still not reach the place where we are truly happy?

p.s. If all of you lovely people who come to visit my blog could sign my guestbook it would be appreciated! God Bless!


Friday, February 6, 2009


After a while there comes a point in every ones life when they realize that Santa Clause doesn't actually exist, that the Easter bunny doesn't deliver baskets full of hard boiled eggs on Easter morning or that the Tooth Fairy isn't the one that puts dollar bills under their pillow in exchange for fallen baby teeth. Often times little children are broken by the fact that what they were told to believe never really existed in the first place. Eventually they get over it and never think about it again.

So today as I sit here in my living room with my laptop staring back at me, I realize I am just like those little children. I believed in a fairy tale for so long. I put my faith in a world where true love won in the end and good always prevailed against evil. I imagined that it was really possible for the girl to ride away in the sunset with a handsome prince where they lived happily ever after. But then you wake up and all it is is a dream. Reality is much different. Reality is dealing with the fact that life isn't always fair and life is often full of heart aches and disappointment. Not everyone falls in love and lives happily ever after. Am I a cynic? Perhaps today I am. Or perhaps i am just a realist who understands that you just have to deal with life and live it the best way you know how. You have to stop lying to yourself at some point and just be content with what is in front of you. Everyday is a gift from God but its also a gamble. You never know what lies in front of you. All you know is that He holds your hand through the good and the bad.

So last night I made a promise that I would not lie to myself anymore. That I would be honest and make the best of everyday I am given and not allow myself to live in a world of delusion. I am going to live today and everyday in Reality.