Monday, January 3, 2011

Its A New Year!

Okay so its been over 3 months since I have blogged. I know all of you out there are on the verge of fainting lol. Its a new year and I am determined to be more consistant in many different areas in my life including my writing. I have soo much to say but I will just leave it all for another day and appreciate the fact that I actually blogged!

Its my dad's 54th birthday today and the thought has crossed my mind over and over again recently how our parents wont always be with us. Its a very sad and depressing thought but a very real one. I just hope I can appreciate those people that are with me now and not regret that I didnt cherish them like I should have!

I am sooo thankful that 2011 has come around! My new years resolution last year was to stay in church and stay sane. Those seemed like small things but knowing the year that I had you would understand how important those things were. Last year my youngest brother moved out to his own house. My heart got broken in a Zillion pieces and I am thankful that little by little it is being restored. I turned 30 in July and I am telling you that was a Big one! But I survived and God was good. I also wrote another book, got a publisher to pick it up, went back to school and got excellent grades, and started speaking and giving my testimony and churches again! God has really blessed me!

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