Monday, August 3, 2009

Seriously?!?! Is it already August??!?!

It's insane how 2009 is more than half way over! I am really am thankful because God has been good and is doing great things in the lives of my family members and at Faith Tabernacle Church. As of a few weeks ago I started playing the piano in Spanish Church. I think I always kind of figured that I would just be someone who would teach others to play the piano and not really play myself. It seems that God has other plans and I am excited about being used in God's kingdom. I believe there are going to be many souls won in our Spanish Ministry and I dont think it will be very long till we have a blow out service just like we do in the main sanctuary on Sundays!!

I have been having such a great time hanging out with my older church friends. We have been going to starbucks in the middle of the week and just talking and laughing till after midnight. I can't thank God enough for the wonderful friends He has put in my life!

I'm still writing my book and am believeing it will be finished soon. I know its what God wants me to do its just been an uphill battle. I believe this will be the key to unlock the will of God in my life. I just have to finish doing my part. There are a lot of changes about to take place in our church that will affect a lot of us but I pray they are good changes and everything works out for the best! The future is bright because Jesus Christ our Saviour is the Light!

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