Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The New Car!

Since I was 16 years old I had always dreamed about owning a Mustang. My parents both owned them when they met. Mom's first car was a '68 green Mustang and my dad owned a blue '65 Mustang. My mother sold her car to her brother and my dad to buyer out of the classifieds. Years later my uncle gave my brother Eddie mom's car back and he has been restoring it ever since. I remember my dad trying his sense of humor on me one Christmas by giving me a minature Mustang radio as a present. Finally a few weeks before I graduated from High School I bought a beautiful V6 Atlantic blue Mustang with light gray interior. I was 17 and could not believe I had a car but not just any car, the car of my dreams in my favorite color. I can still see my mom taking canola oil from the kitchen and anointing it and praying that God would protect me in it. I drove that car for 11 years and in the 3 accident I had none of them were serious and I left without a bruise. I took that car with me to the University and to Bible College in Jackson, Mississippi. My friends and I did many road trips to New Orleans, Memphis, and on chorale trips to Alabama. I cried a lot tears in that car when I felt like my heart had just been squashed. I prayed a lot of prayers while that CD player blasted out my favorite choir tunes. I had many serious conversations with friends and a tons of laughs that I will probably remember as long as I live. There were many late night fast food runs and trips to Starbucks for Passion Iced Tea Lemonade when I felt stressed. It was a faithful car and had its battle scars to prove its loyalty. It never had a major break downs until just a few months ago. Things just started snowballing and after awhile I almost didnt feel safe driving it. I had to get another one.

After going to a dealership here in Tucson, searching online, and talking on the phone with salesmen in frustration I finally found her. I named her Roxxie when I went to pick her up at the dealership in Tempe. Roxxie was a bright lips stick red 2009 Mustang with the same gray interior as my blue one. As my old car and my new car sat next to each other on the parking lot I couldnt help but feel so blessed. God knew what I needed and what I could afford. After 11 years I was getting another car that I was just as crazy about as my first one. It was still bittersweet driving off with my window down seeing my blue car quickly leaving my range of sight but it was a new day and time for a change!

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Mary Frances said...

Awwwwwwww!!! Ooooooooo your brother and my brother should talk cause my bro has a mustang he is like fixin up too!!!