Thursday, January 22, 2009

Is It So Hard?

Is it so hard?
Is it truly a chore?
To give up pants to wear a long dress?
And let your hair grow down to the floor?
What’s so wrong with trading your diamond ring for a crown of righteousness?
Cant you see living for God is not so big a trail or a test?
Is there a good reason why you can’t part with the mascara and the red lipstick?
With the party life and the alcohol that in the morning has you sick?
Is t he movie theater that entertaining?
Is the ungodly music that wonderful to be around?
To miss the coming of the Lord and hear the glorious trumpet sound?
Is whining about our standards and separation from the world that wise?
When He never complained laying down His life as the ultimate sacrifice?
But for those who have their minds strongly made.
And understand the price Jesus Christ paid.
To those who would not be enticed by Satan but kept walking the narrow path.
They shall receive eternal life and escape the fiery wrath.
All the faithful, determined, and those who have overcome.
Shall hear the sweet sound of the Master saying, “Enter in, My child well done.”