Tuesday, January 20, 2009

America...Don't Be Deceived!

So yes, I will agree that today in fact is a Historical Moment for the United States of America. We have a new African American president and as I have said in an earlier blog he should be praised for that accomplishment. I am still not convinced though that the color of your skin should be the Main reason why anyone should be voted into the highest office in the Nation. I also would have to argue that just because you can make an emotional and uplifting speech does not per say make you a good leader.
There seems to be this feeling of Hope and Change in the spirits of the American people today. Washington D.C. as we all know was filled with spectators from near and far. I hate to be the pessimist and rain on their parade but America is deceived. The plummeting numbers of the stock market don't lie. Things are bound to get worse especially since we have just put a president in office who lacks experience and stands for morals that are corrupt. This is a nation that was built on a Christian foundation and now we are slowly forgetting our God. I know what the end of the Good Book says and this is just the beginning of sorrows. So brace yourselves! God is getting ready to come back and He is our only Savior!

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