Thursday, January 15, 2009

I'm Waiting...

I'm waiting
I'm waiting maybe not patiently but...
I'm waiting on the Lord
Someday I am going to be united with the One God created me for.
But until that day I will not settle for anything less.
When God has promised if I seek Him He will give me the very best!
I know what I am looking for and although I may sound a little picky.
I realized I can never be with someone who I don't love and can't make me happy.

I won't date someone just because they happen to be there.
And play with their emotions and make them believe I actually care.
I want to be so in love that I can't even sit up straight.
Real consuming love that can only come from your soul mate.

I'm not in a rush to get married just because others think its time for me to.
I won't cave in to the pressure because it seems like the practical thing to do.
God has His own time table so I'm not interested in fitting the cookie cutter mold.
I'm after the will of God because its His hand I hold!

So until that day.
I will just be content living for God and going on my way.
I'll just keep waiting.
Waiting on the Lord!


jen lord said...

hi, i'm jen :). your post totally put tears in my eyes. i'm waiting too.

Mary Frances said...

Me too!!! LOL I like the part about Maybe NOT patiently!!! HAHA!

jen lord said...

"Maybe NOT patiently" ditto!!