Friday, January 22, 2010

Attention all Pentecostal Conferences Goers!

So I want to know if we can make a list of all the different Pentecostal Conferences going on this year. I for one need to broaden my horizons and got to some new ones. Does anyone know of anything going on in March in New Mexico or Colorado in March? I'll be headed in that direction then. I would love it if some of you would post names of conferences their locations and dates for the year. I think it would be helpful unless anyone knows already.

Conqueors Conference in Tucson,Az is the last week of December.


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Jacqueline said...

Ok here the current events for the year that I know of...

Old Tyme Campmeeting in Glendale
June 29- July 1st

Heritage in Colorado Springs
July 20th-23rd

Youth Alive in CA
September 10-11

West Coast Conference
Nov. 10-12

Conquers Conference
Dec. 29-31st

Hope that helps!!!