Saturday, March 21, 2009

Spanish Ministries!

So one day I happen to go into our Sunday morning Spanish service because the preacher that was preaching in the English service was extremely long winded. That sadly is the honest truth. (okay so I'm a heathen! lol) What I didn't expect was for me to actually like it and to want to come back the next Sunday but I did. For the last couple of weeks I have continued to go to the Spanish services and I have been so blessed. God had started to give me such a burden for Spanish ministries. I was never really a fan of Spanish music either but one of the Brothers in our church gave me this CD of Marcela Gandara and Jesus Adrian Romero and I am hooked! I found myself almost crying in my car the first time I heard it because God was ministering to me through that music. So next Sunday I am going to sing in the Spanish service! I'm really excited about what God is going to do! Ohh and our Spanish choir just got asked to sing at the Spanish General Conference in Denver, Colorado in June! I have never been to Colorado or to a Spanish conference like this so I am totally psyched!! God is soo Good!

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