Monday, November 3, 2008

The Holy Ghost Is All I Need!

God didnt give me a perfect smile or a winning physical appearance..
He didnt grant me the brain surgeon or the rocket scientist's intelligence.
I didnt get the bright eyes and the outgoing personality.
i didnt get the corner office job that pays the six figure salary.
God didnt bestow to me great fashion sense and style.
I didnt get blessed with the athletic ability to win the Olympic quarter mile.
I didnt recieve the talent to draw or paint something as grand as the Mona Lisa.
I'll never have a cooking show that can do anything more than order pizza.
I was not given the eloquence of a powerful political orator.
I'll never win a contest for being a tidy organizer.

Yet in all of my short comings there are a few things I know that I can be.
A bible study teacher that can point a lost soul to calvary.
An encourager that can uplift a heart who is experiencing untolerable grief and pain.
A prayer warrior who knows how to touch heaven when they call upon His Name!
A person of faith who can lay hands on the someone who isnt feeling well.
An altar worker who wont stop until a soul is saved from hell
A praise singer who refuses to sing unless its under God's annointing.
A person who can help usher in the presence of God with their praise and worshipping.
God gave me the precious gift of the Holy Ghost.
With that I can do anything and in the end isnt that what matters most?

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Shirley said...

Lorraine, I saw you from a distance in Tucson a few days ago, and was so sorry not to be able to talk with you. I always enjoy it when we are able to spend a bit of time together.

You are a beautiful young lady. Keep writing, keep loving God and always live for Him. I know you will.