Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Its been a long time

Soo..i have realized that i have neglected this beautiful blog spot of mine. I really need to get back with it. No one ever comments but who knows maybe someday someone will. I just wrote a new poem called "Good Guys" Im super psyched about it! I cant wait till the young girls at my church read it. It kinda describes a certain someone...hah..anyways. Life is okay. Its pretty mundane. I can say that our revival with Bro Golden has been a success. I just feel like right now we or I am kinda in a rut. Its like we have to get past this little snag because better things are around the corner. We have to press on. I just dont feel like pressing on. My mind is on other things that it probably shouldnt be on. I know. I'm to old and to wise to allow myself to get caught up in somethings. I suppose emotions and the heart do lead you a stray from time to time and thats kinda where i am. ughh.. Sometimes I ask myself.."Lorraine, have you completely Lost your mind!" Its a good question. Im not sure of the answer yet. I have to stay focused on Jesus. Its just so hard sometimes. Heaven is just too close. The financial markets are crashing, the elections are just around the corner. This country is in utter chaos and its about to hit the breaking point. I feel so overwhelmed at times. I just want to scream, hit something, hit someone. Ugh!! So now i know why they call this a blog. Thats exactly what i am writing just a bunch of blah stuff. Random, pointless blah. oh well!
P.S. I got to go to Old tyme camp meeting, be a counselor at senior camp again, disneyland & california adventure, and Az ladies retreat!


Mary Frances said...

Heeeey Lorraine! I totally know what you mean, sometimes it just feels like the same ol, same ol. But you gotta keep pressing on! You should post some of your stories and poems and stuff!!!

Shirley said...

Hello, Lorraine!

I don't recall knowing that you had a blog--just saw your link from Mary Frances, I think, and was happy to hear what you're doing.

You'll not stay down--I know that. Life is a series of cycles; up and down, tides in and out, happy and sad. All normal. You'll be okay, and you're not going to do something stupid. :)

I think I'll see you next week. My husband and I will be attending Arizona on Fire. That's at your church, isn't it?

I admire you, Lorraine, and want you to be happy.


Shirley Buxton

MissionsAngel said...

HI HI HI its been awhile for sure since I've talked with you! I'm so glad you stopped by my blog =) email me at
Miss you girl!