Wednesday, March 19, 2008

PWI: This trip was AMAZINNNGG!

I am back home in Tucson and still basking in the wonderful trip I had to St. Louis, Mo. I can't shake this happy feeling and it seems to show because people can just tell I am on a cloud. went to St. Louis for Writers conference. I met some amazing people and made great connections. I passed out my new business card like hot cakes, I learned so much, and I came back with tons of inspiration. I already have a writing assignment! The maybe more on the horizon! In Jesus Name! I also got to display my book and got to shop at the bookstore myself for a nifty discount.

I recieved so many compliments on this trip from my article in Reflections Magazine to my thick long hair! Some people actually recongized me. It was a terrific feeling! I seriously went there with a bit of self doubt but I left there feeling self assured.

I also got to visit my dear sweet friend Brittany Lay. I went to her church Wednesday night and immediately fell in love with her pastors wife and pastor. I soon meet her friends who were so sincere and friendly. I was in awe to find that many of them were my age and older and Still not married. Imagine that! I felt soo at home and glad to know that not everyone in Pentecost is getting married at age 20. I wish i could have stayed their long and just maybe someday soon i will come back and hopefully have a reason for coming to..ha.! I was convinced to go to their Easter play on Friday night and have no regrets about that! The acting was first rate and overall very well done!

There is so much more to write but i wont. I am getting a little sleepy now and the truth is i wonder if anyone actually reads this blog other than me! HA. Well...i seriously need to just get my mind off of this trip and bring myself down to the reality of Tucson, Arizona. There is tons that needs to be done. Goodnight!

God Is So Great! I am soo blessed. I feel bad for ever complaining. Its a Wonderful Life! Thank you Jesus!

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