Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Too much time has gone by...

Its insane how much time has gone by since i have written anything in this blog. I think i forgot it exsisted for a while. Ugh..shame on me. Its almost Valentines day! Can you believe it? 2008 is very much in progress.'s whats been going on with me.

First of all, last month we have some incredible revival services with Bro Loammi Diaz. I dont say this often but he has been the best preacher our church has had in a long time. Our church really needed his ministry and God blessed each and everytime. Every message i couldnt help but weep and feel as God was rearranging and changing my life. There was just a depth in the Holy Ghost that made this revival so incredible. I personally felt encouraged and was given a new direction for my ministry. I had some conversations with our evangelist and I felt for a second that i was talking to Bro Cai Larsen. Bro Cai really believed in me. He believed that God really had given me everything i needed to do great things for the Lord. I guess its been a long time since someone has believed in me and has told me they see great potential for my life. I can't even express in words how much that meant to me.

I'm going to Pentecostal Writers Institute in St. Louis next month!! I am so grateful to the Lord for that because i have wanted to go for years but have never been able to go. I know i will leave there encouraged and strengthened. It will also give me the opportunity to network with other Pentecostal authors and get my name out there. I am hoping to present my exsisting book Famous In Battle and get some tips on writing my next one which i am thinking of titleing Broken Blessings.

Im still working at H & R block and there are somedays that i think i will pull all my hair out. Today God helped me. So far this week has been calmer.

I got some new glasses. I'm still getting used to them but i think they are a great updated look for me.

Im' back at working on my website for my book. check it out. its a work in progress.

Hopefully i wont take so long to write next time!

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