Monday, May 18, 2015

Junior Year at University of Arizona South

I have been away from my blog for WAY too long! I just survived my first year back as a full-time college student at University of Arizona South. I just finished my Junior year as Human Service major with a 3.2 GPA. It could have been a LOT higher but lets just say "Life" got in the way. I am just happy it is over a 3.0! Six online classes, a part-time job, and being a piano teacher will kinda burn you out. The end of 2014 I was working at Girl Scouts of Southern Arizona as a Program Facilitator in the Social Justice Department and Loved it but in January of 2015 I got the opportunity to become the Student Body Treasurer of UA South. This was a paid position which allowed me to be part of the Executive Board that pretty much made all the decisions for the Student Body. This job made me feel Awesome!!! :) I have 3 weeks of unemployed & no homework bliss until my Summer school classes start June 8th!! This past weekend I was celebrating with my friends on their bachelors degree graduation from 3 different colleges. On Thursday as a board member I was there to set up and help run graduation for UA South in Sierra Vista, AZ. On Friday I went to celebrate with my friend Jessica at the Gaslight theater since I had missed her graduation from University of Phoenix 2 weeks ago. On Saturday I drove up to Phoenix to Jayne and Jordan Hill's graduation party from ASU. I cannot wait till I graduate next May!! By Sunday I was Wiped out and could not get out of bed! Today I am feeling much better and ready to start the Summer and getting back to some of the things that I love. Writing, Reflecting, Youth Services, & Piano playing! Here are some pics from this weekend. Notice in all of them I am wearing Red and Blue, UA colors! Bear Down Wildcats!! :) ~Lorraine
UA South Executive Board Graduation.

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