Friday, September 30, 2011

My Writing Life

I seem to have strayed from one of my biggest passions. God made me a writer and it has been quite a while that I have even felt the faintest desire to pour my heart onto a piece of blank paper. I still write often in my journal but those words are often things that I only want me and God to see. I feel that my writing has been a blessing to others and that has always been my number one priority. Sometimes I think that I am way too hard on myself and my distorted view of success has only resulted in grief. Disappointment when things do not go exactly the way you want them to can cause you to distance yourself from the things you love the most. It seems that this has plight and life has kept me busy with work and a full time class loads in my Major of Sociology.

On this last day of September I have vowed to somehow renew the passion I once had for a ministry that was giving to me as a young child. Somehow, not for money or fame but simply for myself and God, I will write another book!


Sanctuary of Praise said...

Just awesome! I also love your blog's design! I just started one myself for our church's website. I'm kind of new to blogging though so I'm checking out other Christian blogs to get some inspiration for design and content. Feel free to check our new blog at our church in Bellevue

Would love to know what you think!

Lorraine M Orozco said...

That is so crazy! I was just on your website because some of my friends from JCM were talking about Elevate Music Conference In Washingtion!