Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Bucket List

I realize I have done such a terrible job neglecting my book but the other day during work training I began to up date my Bucket List

1. Go to Barcelona, Spain

2. Go to Prince Edward Island/ Anne of Green Gables

3. Be at the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.

4. Meet Sarah Palin

5, Kiss somsone on New Years Eve in Times Square.

6. Give Blood

7. Parasail

8. See the Sydney Opera house in Australia

9. Attend Landmark in Stockton,CA

10. Attend BOTT in Alexandria, LA

11. See the Jersey Boys the Broadway Show.

12. Write a teen Christian romance novel

13. Write a song for our Easter Play.

14. Learn Italian.

15. Own a female boxer puppy and name it Laila Ali!

16. Learn to make Lasangna

17. Go to the Space Needle in Seattle, Washington

18. Go to a U of A football game

19. Be invovled in politics

20. Join a book club.

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Naturally Brad said...

Just awesome! I also love your blog's design! I just started one myself for our church's website. I'm kind of new to blogging though so I'm checking out other Christian blogs to get some inspiration for design and content. Feel free to check our new blog at our church in Bellevue

Would love to know what you think!