Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Do you remember when black and white polka dots were in style? It wasn't that long ago when most Pentecostal girls were sporting this new trend. I bought this amazing shirt at one of the department stores and paid a little bit more than what I normally would have because I figured I would get a lot of use out of it. I did in fact wear that shirt including the matching headband and purse to many Sunday night services and youth functions. The other day I came across it in my closet and realized I had forgotten all about it. I haven't worn that shirt in months! Its still amazing but I have gotten myself into the zebra pattern and the other day I bought myself a cute skirt and hounds tooth purse on Ebay! That seems to be the latest thing but I have a feeling it wont be for long! Something else just as brilliant will be along to replace it in the fashion world. I don't consider myself trendy but since my mother has been on my case to stop wearing what she considers my "grandma clothes" I have tried to look as presentable as possible. She commented the other day on the fact she was proud I am starting to dress better. Well that just made me feel a bit better.

So I was thinking the other day how my life sometimes is like this huge world of Fashion trends. Things are never quite consistent. One style comes and another goes. My life is always changing no matter how at moments I feel like its mundane and motionless. Its more like what the scripture calls Seasons in the book of Ecclesiastes. A few months ago I was so ecstatic with things that I wanted to take all those amazing instances and freeze them into a little jar so I could keep them for always. I didn't want anything to change. Now those moments have pasted and its a new day. Everything is different now and its not necessarily bad or good, its just time for a new season, a new trend to make an appearance. There are people that I was super close to and now I hardly talk to them. They have kind of been replaced by other friends and other experiences. It doesn't mean those friends or experiences are gone forever because most trends tend to make their way back in the fashion world at sometime in the future.

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