Thursday, October 9, 2008

Good Guys

This poem is dedicated to my dearest Demeri Lay, Danielle Conner, Cesia Ramirez, and Vanessa Martinez. Hope we find a "Good Guy". Last but not least to my best example of a "good guy" PJ Conner! Love you guys!

This is my tribute to the good guys.
I know you are out there somewhere.
They are going about leading godly lives thinking no one gives a care.
Good guys, they are getting harder and harder to find.
I'm talking about the ones that don't flirt with you just to play with your mind.
Good guys are sincerely interested and listen to every word you say.
They dont talk to you and then decide to ignore you the very next day.
Good guys dont try to impress you by telling exaggerated lies.
They are honest with their feelings and express how you are the apple of their eye.
Good guys arent trying to juggle 5 girls at a time causing hurt in the name of fun.
They are seeking God in prayer knowing that for them there will only be one.
God guys dont think they are cool just because they can get the phone number of every pretty girl.
They arent so stuck on themselves that they believe they are God's gift to the world.
Good guys dont turn around and start talking to your best friend.
They never take advantage of a girl but always treat her like a true gentleman.
Good guys dont give sports and cars more attention than they give you.
When you are with them their focus is on everything you do.
Good guys watch silently as sweet girls choose foolishly to go for the bad boy.
Then they are there to pick up the pieces when she has been tossed aside like a toy.
Good guys are the shoulder to cry on when the world looks dim.
No matter how many times you treat him like dirt you know that you can always count on him.Good guys are not impressed with the young girls that are caught up in their own wordly vanity.
They want a girl who is holy both on the inside and out because that is what qualifies as real beauty.
A good guy looks across the aisle and falls in love with the way you worship the Lord.
He is always on his knees in prayer and never fails to read the word.
Good guys, dont give up on being strong.
There are lots of girls looking for you just dont make us wait too long.
Written by Lorraine M. Orozco


Mary Frances said...

Luv the good guy looks across the aisle one! Awww...

sheree*lynne said...

I commented on this before and I'll comment again and say I love this. some of the lines i can read and 'see' people that fit into those lines. so very true :)

Mary Frances said...

Heeey! You should go check out