Monday, November 5, 2007

I'm going to San Francisco!!!

I will be going to San Francisco. I have been wanting to go to that city for over 6 years. I am dying to get a great picture of the Golden Gate Bridge and do some major souvenir shopping. I cant wait to be near the ocean just to smell that salty scent in the air. Its going to be cold which is great. Usually i hate to be cold but its in the 90's still in Tucson so it will be a good change. I have all the nessessary gear like sweaters and scarfs!

This weekend I went to a wedding at our church. It was very beautiful but not without its controversy. Its been a while since we last had a wedding like that. I am also doing my tax courses for rehire at H & R Block. I barley passed my quiz t oday so i have to step it up a little and study more.

My diet: I really need to try at lost 15-20 lbs. So far my diet is non-existent. I am one of those people that eat when they get stressed or upset. So..i have been eating like a cow lately. So sad. I just love sweets from the dollar store way to much. Gotta stop the addiction!

Church is good. We are trying so hard to do outreach and have our 100 soul revival in the next 6 months. We can do. I just havent seen it start yet. I am sure though it will be one of those things that just happens and God swoops in and starts doing the miraculous. We are having our Top 10 Thanksgiving Dinner in a few weeks. I got to invite my friends from work. Hopefully they will come and get saved!
by AzNiteStar

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